Personalized Identity
Private Client Styling & Luxury Personal Shopping


Personalized Identity is an exclusive private client styling and luxury personal shopping service founded in 2010 by Nina Richter. Nina had worked extensively for international VIP clients, from all over the world, offering her styling and design skills.

With an eye for fashion, interior design combined with a strong background in marketing and graphics (Master’s degree in Corporate Identity & Design), she then decided taking on a personal consulting and styling service would be an asset to those who were requesting a ‘personalized identity’, specializing in women’s and men’s fashion as well as interiour design on top level. She speaks German, English, French and Italian.

Nina is German and based in Munich with stylists in London, Ibiza, Istanbul, Miami and Kitzbühel. She travels frequently with her clients especially to these locations.

Image and style, that’s what attracts people. Then comes money and everything else.

Personalized Identity

Personalized Identity is your personal guide the best of international style, offering you an exclusive shopping experience at high level. We do all the luxurious brands and have personal connections to most flag ship stores. We are specialized in female and male VIP clients as well as their kids.

The Personalized Identity Concept

Nina and her team apply a fresh and modern eye to all aspects of exclusive personal shopping consultation. Whether you are looking to transform your wardrobe, or simply get dressed for a special occasion. Personalized Identity is there to make you look best!

Personalized Identity can find you rare and limited edition pieces. PI’s VIP partnerships enable us to acquire the most exclusive products and have the items delivered directly to your door.

In dedicating ourselves to provide the ultimate shopping experience, every session is custom tailored according to the lifestyle and budget of each individual client.



Visiting selected retailers that are going to work for you, because Nina and her team have already identified those shops that will be most appropriate, time saving, and focus will be given to those brands that can deliver your style.

Shopping Experience

Special deals at select boutiques and flag ship stores, optional limousine car service, initial consultation to discuss your shopping needs, body shape, lifestyle and budget, personal retail service and complimentary champagne from boutique owners, education on how each item works for your individual shape and style, putting together unique outfits that can be used with your existing wardrobe, optional portait photos & lookbook CD for future reference with a professional photographer.

Wardrobe Overhaul

Take a look at your existing wardrobe and get an idea of your personal style, closet reorganization to maximize space and make clothes easy to access, create new looks with the clothes you already own, pairing clothing with accessories & shoes, discuss what additions you’re looking to make to your closet.



It’s not just women that need to be given a little style guidance from time to time. Men are now realizing that image is crucial in their lives as well. Men’s styling is individual to each person: what looks good on one person, doesn’t necessarily looks good on another! Style is best achieved when you are making the most of your own body shape, based on getting the most appropriate fitting clothing, whilst corresponding your with your individual taste and lifestyle. Our style expert will spend the time to ensure that your existing wardrobe is properly integrated with your new purchases.

To book a consultation, click on PACKAGES and SERVICES to choose your best option. Whatever you select, you can be sure that our style expert will be on hand to guide you through the progression from the ‘old’ you to the ‘new’.


Special Occasion & Event Shopping

Your stylist Nina will find you the perfect outfit for a special event and makes sure you are dressed perfectly for the speciffic occasion.

Shopping Solo

Nina will escort you whether you’re looking to spend half a day, or full day and consult you which style fits you most.
If you are looking for special items, or you’re too busy to shop and need our stylists to take care of your personal shopping needs, then you can be sure that your investment will be structured around, getting the most of your money by collecting your favorite pieces and get them delivered to your door, or exclusively reserved for you.

Half Day Consultation

  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Personalized retail service
  • Deals at select boutiques
  • Complimentary champagne
  • Returns and minor alterations


Full Day Consultation

  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Personalized retail service
  • Post shopping assessment
  • Deals at select boutiques
  • Complimentary champagne
  • Lunch at one of Munich’s top restaurants
  • Complimentary returns and minor alterations


Personalized Identity
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Phone: +49 172 814 9449

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